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can i freeze my plan 5 membership?

UPDATE: Yes, if you are planning to be gone for longer than a month. Please give us notice the month prior to your draft date (minimally 3 days notice) in order to prorate your month and freeze your membership for the duration of your trip.

can i try it free?

Yes! Call or email now to receive 2-sessions for FREE!* (must be used within one week)! 415-373-0779.

*Cannot be combined with any other offer.

how much does it cost and how do i purchase a membership?

To purchase a package, log into your Mindbody account from our Web site. Click on "Online Store" and then on "Contracts/Packages".  Select the plan that best fits your needs. You can purchase one week, one month, three months, the ongoing monthly plan (Plan 5) or our annual plan. Plan 5 and Plan 7 are the best value. 

  • Plan 1: 1 week - $85 (Free trial not applicable.)
  • Plan 2: One month- $290 
  • Plan 3: Three months - three payments of $190
  • Plan 4: Three months - one payment of $520 ($50 savings)
  • Plan 5: Month-to-month - $145 (Membership is on-going and paid monthly. 4 month minimum commitment. Requires 30 days notice for cancellation.)* 
  • Plan 6: 10 class punchcard for $160 (must be used within three months)
  • Plan 7: Twelve months - one payment of $1500 ($240 savings!)

*Plan 5 includes a one-time $50 administrative fee.

what is your cancellation policy?

To end your Plan 5 membership, please give us 30-days notice in writing (email preferred). Please note that non-payment does not cancel your account.

can i get a refund?

START Fitness does not issue refunds for days missed due to illness, vacation, or work unless agreed upon in advance by an authorized START representative.

where and when is it?

Classes meet from 0600-0700 (6am-7am) and from 0700-0800 (7am-8am), San Francisco Aikikai located at 1625 Bush Street, #4, 2nd Floor, corner of Franklin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109.

when can i start?

We start new recruits on Mondays and Wednesdays only. Please email us before dropping in for the first time. We will schedule you for an orientation. Coupon holders are scheduled on a first come (or call in this case), first serve basis. We encourage you to schedule your coupon start date as soon as possible.

will i be obligated to join?

No, your free trial does not obligate you to join the program.

can i combine offers?

Unfortunately, we do not combine offers. For example, two day free trials cannot be combined with a Groupon or LivingSocial Coupon. Another example, if you have already purchased a Groupon, you do not qualify as a new recruit and cannot subsequently use a LivingSocial Coupon, Postcard, Yelp or any other deal.

what about parking?

Street parking only. There are almost always spaces available at that time in the morning.

what should i bring?

Bring a towel and water. Also, bring the receipt print out for your free trial.

at what level should i be in order to join?

On a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being the best), we recommend recruits be at least a 3, before starting the program. This means you have a measurable baseline of fitness- an intermediate level of strength and stamina and no injuries that may prevent you from performing rigorous fitness activities.

is it too hard for me?

The class is hard but not impossible. It is an intermediate to advanced workout. It is designed to motivate you to achieve your fitness objectives. Please let us know if you have any physical limitations of which we should be aware.

what does the program entail?

The schedule for the 6am class is as follows:

Monday: Indoor calisthenics and strength training.
Tuesday: Outdoor sprint drills and distance running.*
Wednesday: Indoor calisthenics and strength training.
Thursday: Half indoors- burst style cardiovascular training and half outdoor sprint drills.*
Friday: Indoor calisthenics and strength training.

*Weather permitting.

how does start measure my progress?

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Fitness Tests are held every six months to help monitor the progress of each recruit. Tests are administered on designated Saturday mornings and are a benefit of the program.

what time should i arrive?

Please show up at LEAST ten minutes early on day one to sign our waiver and for a tour.

i missed the groupon or living social deal. can i purchase it today?

Unfortunately, you′ve got to catch our deals as they happen. So, stay tuned!

can everyone participate?

This program is not right for everyone. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 

“Sergeant Ken, I thank you and your wife for the classes. You two great teachers taught me so much. I learned that your past does not determine your future. I have learned so much from Sergeant Ken and his wife. I truly thank those two very special human beings.”
- Trevor, age 14