Free Trial

Please come and give our program a test-drive for two days. If you like it, sign up! (Our rates are below.) If not, there's no pressure to continue.


To purchase a plan, log into your Mindbody account from our Web site. Click on "Retail" and then on "Contracts/Packages". Select the plan that best fits your needs. You can purchase a 10 class punchcard; one week; one month; three months; or our ongoing monthly plan (Plan 5). We also have an option to pay for a full year upfront.

Plan 1: 1 week - $85 (Free trial not applicable.)

Plan 2: One month - $290 (Must pay in advance.)

Plan 3: Two months - two payments of $240

Plan 4: Option one: Three months - three payments of $190

Plan 4: Option two: Three months - one payment of $520 ($50 savings)

Plan 5: Month-to-month- $145 (Membership is on-going and paid monthly. Four month minimum commitment. Requires 30 days notice for cancellation.)***

Plan 6: 10 class punchcard for $160 (must be used within three months)

Plan 7: Twelve months - one payment of $1500 ($240 savings!)

*Plan 5 includes a one-time $50 administrative fee.

*Couples who sign up together on the same credit card will receive a $20 monthly discount off the second membership.

The most confidence building and influential training of my life so far. I'm ready now for my own personal mission Operation Impact - to share the leadership qualities I've learned and developed with my squad back home. Thanks START FITNESS!
- Eva-Maria Wetzel