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Operation Resilient Runner Top 5 Tips for Proper Running Form

Top 5 Tips for Proper Running Form

With winter weather looming ahead, it is very important to focus on proper form and safety so that our runs do not become “slip and slide adventures.” Operation Resilient Runner is a two-part series that includes running tips on proper form (part one) and safety (part two), making it possible for us to have a flexible and adaptive disposition in any environment.

For part one of this series, use the following top 5 tips for proper running form to make each workout a safe and enjoyable experience... (click here to continue reading)

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Had an amazing Fitness weekend. This Sunday I received my Boot Camp Certification. WooHoo!!! Had an uplifting and educating course with grueling workouts (seriously my whole body is sore from toe to fingertip). Thanks to SGT Ken for challenging our minds and bodies! 
- Devon Jones